Heritage of the Brand (History) Collection of Great Orchid Restaurants

Everything in the world with strong roots and origins will last forever and will continue for many years until the future generation will benefit from it. Moreover, the founder will be rewarded by God because of providing prosperity, relaxation, a place of fun and happiness for the people, and thus Orkideh restaurants will last forever.
The founder of the restaurant was the late Haj Ali Azhdari Mamqani. He was born in Tabriz in Mamqan in Tabriz County in 1939. At the age of 11, he moved to Tehran to learn a profession. At first, he worked as an apprentice in some restaurants which served Chelow kabab. After gaining experience and going through many hardships, and through his courage and perseverance, he entered the culinary and kebab business. Following several years of continuous effort and learning to cook all sorts of Iranian kebab from Ghodrat Tabrizi, which was a skilled man at that time, he managed to purchase a land with his saving in 1957. That land is now the central branch of the Orkideh restaurant complex. He was named as one of the founders and supporters of the natural environment by planting the seedlings that are now tall trees.
The reason behind choosing the name Orkideh, which means orchid, originates from a basket of flowers given to the late Mr. Azhdari as a gift. At that time, the orchid was one of the rare flowers in Iran, and the orchid flower basket, given by one of the Iranian agriculture agents to the late Mr. Azhdari, is the reason for choosing the name of this great restaurant. Interestingly, after selecting this name for the resonant, two alleys in Jahanshar area in Karaj, Alborz province were named eastern and western orchid by the residents. 
At first, Orkideh restaurant only cooked Kabab koobideh, and because of its special mastery in this field, it gradually added rice and small chickens to its menu. Over time, various kinds of grilled foods and salads were added to the Orkideh menu.
After the development of its activities, becoming a well-known brand and the arrival of foreign tourists, especially from Arab countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and the popularity of orchid menu, "Orchid Kebab Resturant", was renamed "Orkideh Restaurant". Accordingly, the expansion of activities was planned by the founder of the Orkideh restaurant. In 2007, when Ali Azhdari Mamqani passed away, his sons began to manage the restaurant. They had gained so much experience and had learned so much from their dad since their early childhood. They started to develop the activities with the same strength and planned to expand the branches by combining traditional methods and modern facilities.
In 2011, according to the working policies put in place at that time, the largest Iranian revolving restaurant was founded in Alborz province, called "Orkideh revolving restaurant". Two years later in the center of Tehran, the Arjantin square branch was founded and immediately one year later In 2014, Shahriar Branch was opened in the western part of Tehran with a traditional style. The last branch of the large orchid restaurants was opened in 2015 in Mazandaran province, in Motel Qoo, now known as Salman Shahr.
In order to continue its progress, the Orkideh Complex managed to receive numerous certificates, including a certificate of quality management system implementation, a standard certification of customer complaints and the highest rankings in Iranian food festivals by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handcraft and Tourism Organization. Therefore, the restaurant established its top position among other rivals in Iran. Nowadays, maintaining the authenticity, quality of food, innovation, and satisfaction of our esteemed customers are among the top priorities of Orkideh restaurant. Having more than 60 years of experience and five different branches in the provinces of Tehran, Alborz and Mazandaran, Orkideh is always proud to welcome you to its unique environment, built by modern architecture and tailored to any taste, based on the skill of trained chefs and guest attendants. We are ready to host formal and informal meetings and celebrations with our unmatched amenities such as children's playhouse, escalators, private parking, VIP hall in the form of classical lounge halls, gazebo in a separate open space and coffee shop. You can enjoy a great time together here in Orkideh.